Location : Asnières-sur-Seine – FRANCE
Adress : Les Courtilles – rue Henri Poincaré
For : Sem92 + Vinci Immobilier Résidentiel
Surface : 7.000 m²
$ : 11 m € HT
Year : 2015
Label : RT 2012
Status : /
Awards : /


The project is layed down in a new master plan done by the french architect Dominique Lyon.
An old long block has been erased to be replaced with new small human housing buildings.
The site is located in a flood plain. The building will be constructed on piles in order to prevent the risk of flood in the basement.
The site is also squeezed between a soccer stadium and a cemetery. Opening windows on graves is not so obvious and the facades will take care of such wired landscape.
The building is wide (till 20 meter of thickness). All storeys are looking for the maximum of spaces due to the lack of real estate oppotunities in the suburb of Paris.
The building is designed in three sectors. A rooftop with balcony and teraces. Each end totaly with glazing looking toward the East and West. A core with loggias.