Location : Paris
Goal : Recondition the agora space in the radio house
Subject : A restaurant, a bookstore, a recording studio, a platform
Date : 2017
Mission : Concours / Complète
For : Maison de la Radio
Team : Stéphane Maupin + Post Office
BET : Duck Scéno
Surface : 2.000 m²
$ : 10 m € HT


The heart of the “Maison de la Radio” must live. Today it is submitted to us as a crossroads of a side street. Our proposal wishes to emancipate from a simple confluence of functions around a pedestrian axis.
We want the place as a place in its own right. With its efficiency, its soul, its singularity, its beauty. A place where we come with pleasure and a daily surprise. More than a street with people passing by, we preferred an interior world. See an enchanting universe.

The spatial configuration meets the specifications transmitted: An aerial and mobile device to allow all scenic events in the vacuum of the Agora. In addition, a floating cloud modifies the reverberation and makes it possible to reach the expected correction. The program includes a relocation of the speak table and its control room, a new bookstore, and a refurbishment of the cafeteria.

The furniture incorporates the existing wood species present in the “Maison de la Radio”, both for the bookstore and for the cafeteria: The seats of the cafeteria are gathered to become skiffs surfing the peaceful ocean. These large benches are also accompanied by mobile tables. The bookshelves take up the appearance of the booksellers boxes installed along the Seine. Everything is expressed in a unique vocabulary.