Location : Avignon
Object : A school
Address : Quartier Montclar
Surface : 4.000 m²
$ : 15 M € HT
Date : juin 2015
For : CITADIS + Mairie d’Avignon
Team : Stéphane Maupin + DVVD BET
Mission : Concours / Complete


School is the marriage of a contemporary cloister and an industrial waste. This school in Montclar splits. Both a splendid contemporary tool disembodied but also sublime reminiscence of a past architectural elegance.

We find all the vocabulary of the abandoned school, revised and increased in a new relevant assembly: the massiveness of the stone, the circumambulation around a courtyard, the circulation and the emphasis of its main staircase, the beauty of the interlocking spaces, its vast garden… All these elements are interpreted and transposed in a joyful spectacle for the happiness of the greatest number.

The project doesn’t bother with unnecessary styling, toys or gadgets. No precious, flaccid, twisted or expensive material. School is definitely a machine where disappearance of architectural ways allows the greatest freedom of expression of its users. It’s both a functioning factory and a church for serenity where the beauty of the materials this device promotes the operation of living ‘machines’, mobile boxes (wooden and, or metal), miniature workshops for students.