Baron Samedi


Object : A collective apartment building
Address : ZAC du quartier de la Tour, La Courneuve
Surface : 3.500 m2
$ : 5,3 M € HT
Date : septembre 2014
Mission : concours
For : CAPS
Team : Stéphane Maupin + DVVD
HQE: Label HQE RT 2012 Certificat Qualitel H&E BBC


The residential group promotes new social reconciliations. The occupants live together on a borned territory. This is done by the interplay of circulations, by the common spaces, by the private spaces exteriors and the private interior spaces.

The presence of color is a will assumed. It is staged for several reasons. First to establish a link with the crèche located on the other side of the “rue Nouvelle” then to stand out from a recurring invoice of unmarked constructions at the very bottom of range where the dull coating of facade is inevitable.

It wants to seduce a variegated population whose segregation has been carried out too for a long time in deliberately anonymous buildings. Finally, it is an echo of the colorful constructions of many nationalities living now in the commune.