Le Belair


Subject : Install a night bar
Address : Avenue du Pdt Kennedy, Paris 16ème
Surface : 500 m²
$ : 1 M € HT
Date : september 2017
Mission : complète + design
For : le Radio Eat Restaurant / Eric Wapler
Team : Stéphane Maupin & Partners
Entreprises : RMB/Reinhardt/E2C/Meier/Ferraris/VMS


On the second floor of the Maison de la Radio, a set of messy rooms, of all sizes, of all heights is
transformed to accommodate a cocktail bar with night use.

The bric-a-brac becomes a unified volume as much by the treatment of the ground with a broad plank parquet as by the Luxalon, a ceiling borrowed from the lobbies of buildings in the 70s.
Such ceiling becomes the resonator of the place. First of all by its extension to any point of the place. Then by the radiant and solar shine of the materials. Finally by the reverberation of the lights coming from the articulated Led tubes and fixed on the wall. The ceiling multiplies the light points like stars. It becomes a glittering star map at night.

Everything is designed around a copper atmosphere. The bar is made of pink Atlas marble. The back bar is made up of small mirror tiles which keeps going the split of the light.
The bar hosts East River leather chairs from Vitra, premiered for the place. Green velvet flower seats are organized around the dance floor and allow you to embrace the whole panorama of the towers of Beaugrenelle.