Address : Helsinki’s South Harbor
For : Helsinki City Government
Surface : 15.000 m²
$ : 40m € HT
Year : 2015
Status : International competition


The New York Solomon R Guggenheim museum is an icon. Famous by its form, innovative for the time, but also by a unusual system of circulation. The Movement is thus inseparable from the image of the Guggenheim Museum. The Helsinki’s project develops this device. Through the sequence of building’s approach and then in the internal discovery of works.
The city becomes scenery. First for its frozen perception and then in the confrontation of scales.
The visitor approaches a voluntarily isolated gate. Then he jumps in a sliding shuttle joining the enclosure of works. For a few moments he will enjoy the magnificence of its taking off. His eye gradually embraces the geography and the lights of the city. Step by step visitor advanced into the artistic area. It will penetrate different layers of programs.
As the heroes of the «Fantastic Voyage» (1966 Richard Fleisher’ movie), visitors observe the reverse body of the museum, its ramifications, its organs … the excitement as the kinetic experience prevails at the meeting of the collections. The visitor slipping into the space is excited to read the works in suspension.
After traveling along the entire length, the visitor landed on the highest storey. He just has to move down to the lobby by looking at each work.
Another physical experience awaits the tour continues through the exploration of collections. The main gallery of exhibition is designed as a unique space breaking down into trays. The void resumes its full place in the principle structuring the museum. The whole space can be read by a glance. Such a space allows the optical assemblies with works of all sizes.
Spatial diversity is also present in the place. The galleries with lower ceiling are nestled in the sub-face of plateaus in staircase. Various types of lights or enlightenment are also offered.