Helsinki Bible


Address : Kamppi TÖÖLÖNLAHTI
For : City of Helsinky
Surface : 10.000 m²
$ : 30.000.000 € HT
Year : 2012
Label : /
Status : Compétition internationale
Awards : /


« Magnus Magma Kirjaston » Every meeting with a book is an opportunity for a journey. A mental wandering where as the mind frees itself, the body as trapped, stays immobile. The library is then a sarcophagus trapping books and readers in between its walls, where the reading room, as a large abdomen, freshening the confined atmosphere.
If this image as traveled time and space, at the age of instantaneous and immaterial information this template has become completely obsolete.
The “Rengas” project is an evolution of this standardized image. This Central library provides an internal landscape, an outstanding scene, an eccentric environment which propels the potential reader into a wonderful modern odyssey even before he has turn a single page.
The piling of the functions is no longer inescapable. Thus the building is not a simple stacking of thematic floors. The different program elements are developed vertically and individualized. They become wavy towers in the central void of the building. Each tower grazes the edges of the plaza or just floats in space. Nevertheless, from this tormented and dynamic panorama emerges a simple understanding of the usage. Each area is directly recognizable thanks to its geometry and its relative situation.
In the end, it is the void that reunites and links all of the floors and basements, even turning into the junction to surroundings. The visitor of the mall emerges directly in the heart of the central library thanks to the automated connections.
Those machines offer a singular relation with the envelop. The whole building suggests plasticity and work on shapes. The harsh metallic staircases emphasize the sculptural appearance of the concrete waves. This material is essential to the understanding of the building. It beholds a wonderful power. Its toughness offers the building durability and dignity as the malleability authorizes every contortion and fantasy.
This building works as a ring. Its internal faces provides shelves for all the contents. These stocks are directly visible from the circulations. The visitor discovers the cultural center as a speleologist would. The content is within arms reach. He sees it, grazes it, but the void acts as a bulwark. As soon as he enters, the visitor is faced with the immensity of the scientific content available. This mass represents the flesh of the building. During his all travel, the visitor is confronted with the data, but it is only at the end of the journey that he may consume it.
The project is definitely integrated in its time. The flux represents the main actor of the library. The main point of the construction is made by the staging and the facing of the circulations: direction of the visitors, movement of the elevators, cantilevered bridges…
The project ends its integration to the site with the air. Eight domes sit on the roof of the building turning into so many cupola for the library. They comes not only as wonderful conclusions to the program but also as magnificent bird cages… They are at one wing flap from the “la Kansalliskirjasto”.