Hotel Vincennes
Project Description


Location : PARIS – FRANCE
Address : 16 avenue Courtelin, Paris
Surface : 8.000 m²
$ : 13 m € HT
Year : 2018
Label : RT 2012
Status : concours sur invitation
Awards : /


The French and European Jewish Cultural Centre is a welcoming structure of French Judaism whose mission is to raise awareness of Jewishness in different European areas, both for a community that for a public audience interested in a rich cultural, historical, literary and artistic tradition and in its history. Mainly focused on life in France since the access to citizenship for Jews (1791), the Cultural Center will develop activities through an approach and intercultural dialogue around the concepts: “discover, discuss, share” It will allow thousands of active members of the community to find out a place of culture, knowledge, worship and exchange.

It will receive quality programs, in a friendly setting.
It will be a privileged meeting place for various Jewish intellectual and religious sensibilities. It will allow the deepening of Jewish identity in a different form of usual intakes studies, family or community setting. It will also presents an outdoor showcase of Judaism through its various components.