Address : Avenue de Bailliencourt 26740 Marsanne
For : Famille D
Surface : 138 m²
$ : 150.000 € HT
Year : 2016
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Status : /
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The project responds to a command for a couple of elderly people who now want to live in a simple house on one level.

The project of this house is a functional, economical and ecological demonstration, in a remote village in France.
The house must first become an effective tool. No stairs, no long distances between rooms, lots of light, an optimal thermal comfort regardless of the season, no noise pollution, thrifty…

That’s why the house is designed around four identical modules. These blocks are constituted by a brick filled frame wall and a prefabricated metal roof. Everything is covered by wood siding.
The area of each block is 38m². The first block is used to hinge the others. One of its facades is fully glazed and look at south. It is theheart of the house and three blocks cling to three of the free corners. This first module is the living space. It is a living room and a dining room.