Location : PARIS – FRANCE
Address : 222 avenue de l’université Paris VII
For : Musée du Quai Branly
Surface : 2.000 m²
$ : 800K € HT
Year : 2010
Label : /
Status : /
Awards : /


David Hume, the 18th century English philosopher, believed that aesthetic emotion is not only the result of a particular sensitivity to the beauty of objects and nature but also of the projection, on them, of our passionate complexion, amended by our culture and our personal history.
We believe this is one of the questions asked by the exhibition ‘D’un regard l’autre’.

We also see a Western perception of the tribal art by each individual, and contemporary layout showing a real pleasure, very far from a mere accumulation of objects in a post-colonial showcase. The mass of objects will be assessed for its singular beauty; ethnological adventure lends itself to modern and contemporary associations. Various technical and visual means richer, intersect and extend this initial intention.

More specifically we wish to respect the location. The place has not been used, the visitors will discover for the first time. All means will be used for the installation works and their development in strict observance the commissioner wishes.

The private ownership is the founder of exposure mechanism. Mechanism that is never openly revealed but systematically called into the consciousness of the visitor. The scenography is to promote our western adventure reading through all these testimonies.