Solar light


Date : 2015
Subject : An autonomous and portable lamp
Volume : 0,12 m3
$ : 1500 € HT
Mission : PROTOTYPE / Complete
For : VIA
Team : Stéphane Maupin


The project responds to ecological paranoia.
Finally let’s see a lamp that no longer increases the carbon footprint.
It is autonomous, and requires no power from the domestic electrical network.
This is an indoor mobile solar lamp.
This aim of self-sufficiency revives the farming side of any good urban naturist yuppie.

The lamp hangs on a window. Suction cups keep it on the glass. Solar energy charges its internal battery
Its flexible arm moves the source away from the window. The lamp restores light as needed.
The user can move it at will.

The object includes photovoltaic cells which ensure the energy supply and its utility independence.
Discreet accumulators store energy. The light diffuser consists of LEDs.
The lamp is made of light composite materials allowing the perfect hold against a glass surface through a low weight.