Location : Lille – FRANCE
Address : Boulevard de Metz
For : Mairie de Lille
Surface : 1.200 m²
$ : 3 m € HT
Year : 2015
Label : RT 2012
Team : AGENCESM + DVVD structure + PROJEX
Status : /
Awwards : /


A beautiful place. A glade surrounded by trees, beautiful trees, tall trees …
The light sparkles. Paced by the trunks, and filtered by the numerous leaves. We are in town but strangely enough in the woods at the same time. The project will lie in the only place free of everything, in the heart of the site.

The project appears as a rectangular box punctured in its center by a patio and with one of its corner bending towards the sky. The lift off allows the user to enter in the core of the project. Thus the children and their parents are not held outside a door on the sidewalk.
No stampede on a narrow path but a large walkway that frees itself from the street traffic.
The path offers a succession of theatrical scenes: the belly of the bent volume displays a floral pattern. The landscape is present from top to bottom as in a romantic progression. The blending of the fresco with the surrounding flowers and vegetation catches the eye of the user.
As the user progress he enters an inside patio which’s ground perpetrates the flowery picture that the curve offered. This area works as an antechamber, calm, warm and generous. From there the parents can immediately see their cheerful child on the inside even before the bell rings.

The first floor is topped by a small floor where sits a nest. A nest inside which is located a circular sleeping room for younger babies. The unique aspect of the sleeping room serves multiple purposes. It creates a landmark from the street. It reinforces the symbolism of the building. Its situation and geometry grant a special treatment for the smaller children. Its expression creates a singular atmosphere, a reassuring, calming and surrounding lighting.