Location : PARIS – FRANCE
Address : Boulevard Macdonald , Paris XIX
Surface : 3.450 m²
$ : 7.20 m € HT
Year : 2010
Label : H&E profil A/Label BBC Effinergie
Team : AGENCESM + DVVD (façade) – ARCOBA (fluides)
Status : Livraison 2015
Awards : /


The project takes place in a former warehouse along the boulevard Macdonald. It consists of stacking a young students home on a skeleton of old buildings.
These buildings are on plot S3, which have been defined by the masterplan designed by belgian architects Floris Alkemade and Xaveer de Geyter.

The project forms a regular volume of five levels. The last level is recessed to be according to the rules imposed by the PLU. The home of young workers consists of 128 studios adapted for people with reduced mobility, as well as the services needed for the functioning of a home (laundry, hall, festive kitchen, internet spot, …) and the administration.

The principle of the selected distribution develops around the central core in the form of an ‘H’. This makes it possible to distribute a maximum number of studios in the existing building while respecting the safety regulations. It even provides access to the ducts of each studio, which is in accordance with the maintenance habits of the buyer.

The façade is composed of a particular pattern, inspired by flowers and checkerboard. The paving of this produced
pattern creates solid and void areas which correspond to opaque and transparent portions of the façade. The variety of colors and metal panels animates the façade and allows singling out the housing from the outside of the building. In addition, the façade combines the principle of alternating material treatments defined by the master plan.