Object : Rehabilitation of industrial buildings
Address : Boulevard JB Dumas, Clermont-Ferrand
Surface : 12.000 m²
$ : 30 M € HT
Date : november 2010
Mission : Concours / Complete
Team : Stéphane Maupin + DVVD BET


The proposal aims to unify the fragmented universe of the spaces and buildings installed on the site. The overall restructuring is based on the development of the river that runs through the area. The zipper becomes a landscaped motif. It is regularly duplicated in bands juxtaposed more or less wide.

Each building with climatic orientations or urban positions and facades cannot be viewed in the same way. In all cases, the solutions seek a reinforced identity of the company, but also the exploitation and promotion of the know-how or resources belonging to Michelin.

Building O14 (historic entrance)

The existing facade remains unchanged. It belongs to the heritage of the company. However, the opposite facade directly facing south, allows the installation of rows of photovoltaic cells.

A single roof spans the two existing buildings. This straight line harmonizes existing roofs to make only one element. It means the industrial and technical nature of the site owner. The attached structure functions as a shelf with inclined supports.

Building O12

The building now has a plinth which is included in the design of the general floor. This new base sits on a transparent plastic coat enveloping the entire building. The regulation and the renewal of these are undertaken thanks to the help of adjustable cone mobile on the roof.

Building B7 ‐ B8

The building showcases the raw material used by the company. The window frame is redefined to allow the continuous passage of these ribbons. The shape of the new windows takes on the geometry tire sculptures. This one, by its many passages become less isolated, and become associated with the immediate landscape. None of the proposals refer to style, but each converges towards a single goal: The energy performance through an expressive and uninhibited architecture. The result is an image of an inventive and above all positive future.