Date : 2010
Address : Paris 12e – rue Montera
Surface : 2300 m²
$ : 4,8 M € HT
Mission : Concours
For : Paris Habitat
Team : Stéphane Maupin



The project connects two existing blind walls by a single building body. The project is thus conceived as the revolution of one of the two wall towards the other. Such new block is pierced in its heart by a central courtyard.
From this fusion of abandonned walls, a sympathetic banana appears coinciding with the facades of adjacent buildings.
This soft, slightly curved building, without angular corners, brings a happy end to these blind walls too long abandoned to rain and weather.
A horizontal void on the first floor of the volume brings the ultimate smile to the community. Very wide open it promotes the continuity of light penetration of and from other neighboring residences.

A basic breakdown of the program then emerges:
The nursery below, the courtyard in the middle, the accommodation above, … and the Protected Green Space unchanged, even revised and increased!

This is a project with a smile, so that its users have it permanently.
This grin emits a breath for the park and a breath for all the inhabitants of the neighborhood.