Location : PARIS – FRANCE
Address : rue de Saussure, XVII
For : Vinci Immobilier Résidentiel
Surface : 11.000 m²
$ : 26.000.000 € HT
Year : 2015
Label : /
Team : AGENCESM + DVVD (structure) – MCI (fluides) – DAL (économie)
Statut : Livraison 2015
Awards : Pyramide D’argent – Prix de l’esthétique


We always hear that architects inflict the worst punishments to the occupants of their buildings …
They are only concerned on the facade, at the expense of the rest …
They’d better live it …
For this competition, I wondered: where I’d like to live? What would I design for my family?
Strange question because an architect always asks another to draw what he is unable to imagine for himself.
So I asked myself what my august colleagues had realized themselves.

Vast choice, but some experiences are worth recalling.
I remembered the Jan kaplicki (Future System) house in London. This futuristic architect liked watching the rain dance to his house.
His neighbor Richard Rogers is less lyrical. He is simply glad to see from his kitchen, his Andy Warhol‘s portraits of Marilyn Monroe smiling to visitors’ opposite garden.
So I squinted my Italian boyfriend, caro Massimiliano Fuksas. This demon inhabits a classic apartment centro storico. He likes to water the plants with its numerous terraces to offer a bit of freshness during the never ending summer.

So this is these ingredients that I propose to bring to satisfy the living environment. With a stage, center, with Paris as a backdrop, with its audience, its stands, its alleyways … It’s pretty good to imagine an urban room for a daily comedy. I like this project and I can live in any of the apartments designed