Pink Flamingo


Location : PARIS – FRANCE
Address : Rue Julie Daubié , Paris XIII
For : Vinci Immobilier/RIVP/CROUS de Paris
Surface : 2.400 m²
$ : 4.30 m € HT
Year : 2013
Label : H&E THPE 2005
Team : AGENCESM + DVVD (structure) – GLI (fluides)
Status : Livraison 2013


The proposed project seeks its own identity for the site and the people who will live in.
So these buildings and these units are not designed on the rehash mode of Haussmann like apartment for Parisian bobos.
The proposal clearly seeks social mechanisms calling occupants to live together on a bounded territory. This is accomplished by the circulations and hallways design, the shared spaces, and the private interior and outdoor spaces.
The presence of color is an assumed will. It is staged for several reasons.
– First, to establish a link with the nursery lying on the other side of the new street
– Then to be distinguishable from recurring and cheap constructions with their inevitable dull coated facade.
– Third, it wants to seduce a mixed population which was for too long carried in deliberately anonymous buildings.
– Finally, it is an echo of the colorful buildings of many nationalities living in the town.
The connections to outside are treated specifically for each dwelling. Nearly all have large terraces or gardens. Only a floor of social rental building (five apartments) has balconies, this in order to respond to any type demand and population, especially the poorest.
The project is divided into two building types corresponding to the commercial logic of their use.

A compact building, served by lobby and lift reserved for social housing
Two almost parallel buildings, smaller, with a proper access for each of the housing, reserved for buying