Location : Rennes
Goal : Build a coherent island with 4 separate buildings
Subject : A mixed-use building, the SAMSIC headquarters, social housing, a residential tower
Date : 2019
Mission : Concours / Complete
For : BATI Armor
Team : Stéphane Maupin / Julien deSmet / Mael+Maurer / Think-Tank
BET : Ouest Structure, ALBDO, C.Lemonier, Origami, AMCO
Surface : 35.000 m²
$ : 62 m € HT


The overall identity of the project takes place around the creation of a panorama. Interstitial spaces are all canyons traversed by green flows intended for pedestrians.

All the buildings then compose a landscape of rocks, valleys, gorge, embellished with trees, flowerbeds and flowers. It is about making as much a piece of town as a naturalist painting combining mineral and vegetable. This bliss of omnipresent nature wants to establish a hospitable and pleasant environment for residents as well as for office workers or visitors staying at the hotel.

The mixed building respects the initial stratification of the program. An activity base open to the city, tertiary floors, the hotel, then its amenity areas open to all. However, the stacking of these program strata develops interfaces from one stage to another, from one program to another.

The internal movement materializes this common thread from the ground floor to the restaurant, located on the top floor. If each circulation is autonomous and independent, the flows graze and guess without mixing. The office hall opens on the North West corner, interacting with Alma Street while in the North East, the restaurant and hotel halls are visible from the station.