Seguin island


Location : Boulogne Billancourt – FRANCE
Address : Île Seguin
Surface : 7.000 m²
$ : 20.000 € HT
Year : 2010
Label : /
Team : AGENCESM + ARM(mandataire) + DVVD + Jerome Sans
Status : /
Awards : /


The transformation of Renault sites releases the island Seguin drives to reinvent the surrounding wall of factories. It will be at the same time a memory track of the activities of the industrialist but also an urban system for the catcher of future buildings. This big gallery returns accessible facades and develops uncountable artistic activities.

The project is a continuous metallic belt following the perimeter of an island.

The superior face allows a pedestrian walk looking at all the surrounding landscapes.
The outer wall is materialized by three distinct elements: It is a matter of two facades, North and South, converging towards the extremity of the island, and of a link assuring the spatial continuity.The all assures a circular tour around the future buildings.

It proposed us a reflection on the memory of the place.
The site used to be managed by Renault, a french car’s constructor. The whole island was covered by warehouses.
Pieces of steel entered at one extremity of the island. They were transformed in the middle, and cars exited on the other part of the island.

A tiny and unstable facade was wrapping the local firm.
Our project is a link to that past.