Object : Two silos and a laboratory
Address : Rue Bruneseau, Paris 13ème
Surface : 7.000 m² for 500 m2 of silos
For : SEMAPA et Ciments Calcia
Team : Stéphane Maupin + JACOBS BET
Mission : Concours / Complete
$ : 12 M € HT
Date : septembre 2012


This project presents like a double pisa tour. Two towers of 50 meters symmetrically tilt. Each silo tilts four degrees (5%) and moves the highest point 2.70 m from to its vertical axis. The total amplitude is therefore doubled. A distance of 5.40m is added at the initial vacuum of 7.00m framing the location of the offices, i.e. 12m of free passage at the top of the silos.
This rudimentary device stages a configuration never seen before in the factory world two animated fingers greeting the entry into Paris. Two nice cylinders like two contemporary dungeons around a peripheral rampart… all the signs of a topical middle ages. The interstitial void naturally creates a tension between all the elements. First between the two silos that appear balanced, then between the constructions adjacent.