Location : TAIPEI – TAÏWAN
Address : Huan-He Road
For : New Taïpei City Council
Surface : 51.000 m²
$ : 80 m € HT
Year : 2011
Label : Label BREAM
Team : AGENCESM + DVVD (structure)
Status : /
Awards : /


This project gathers up ethereal buildings, connecting up and down, near and far, large and smal scales to develop as many unusual situations, to organize a cultural landscape in a sustainable way.

The new Taïwanese Ceramics National museum sets up in the middle of a park. Only a few buildings surface from the canopy, the main part of the museum is subterranean, and opens, to get light, at the edges of the wood.

All of the vertical extensions shows emphasize a distinctive feature of the program : Library is shelted by a host of lacquered parasols to cope with weather. Each of them subdue sunlight and protect from typhoon. Administration is perched in a high up house to allow to look far away, in the valley, constant movements of visitors. Every part of the museum have at its disposal one or more upright room to enable works presentation in the panorama.