A bench


Date : 2019
Subject : Creation of the synagogue bench for the CEJ
Surface : 1,5 m²
$ : 250.000 € HT
Number :550
Mission : Complete
For : ACIP Paris
Team : : Stéphane Maupin + Nicolas Hugon + Felix Wetzstein
Entreprise : STELLA / ACORH


The construction of the new European Center for Judaism invites us to design an armchair for the new synagogue.

Rather than the usual bench made for American synagogues and produced in an Israeli kibbutz, we thought of a seat that hesitated between the cinema chair and the bench of the Dominican church.
Such a seat will be comfortable. We can stay there to pray for a whole day.
It is personalized with different elements: a folding table allowing to place a prayer book larger or smaller. A rear box to store personal belongings. A leather cushion anda leather backrest to fell confortable. A central armrest which allows to separate each user. A head corner or a shoulder corner which further marks the identity of the seat.
The seat can be coupled with a next seat. It works in a bench of 2 or 3 people.
The design was carried out in the average economy. The number of pieces of wood has been carefully studied to avoid unnecessary wood waste.