Date : November 2008
Address : Cannes, Boulevard du Midi
Lenght : 5 km
$ : 25 M € HT
Artist : Mathieu Mercier
For : Ville de Cannes
Team : Stéphane Maupin


The project will structure a neighborhood from the city across the length of an urban road, from the slopes of the mountain to the seaside. The project stretches over five kilometers. It reconciles the old buildings of neglected hillside districts and the shores of the sea, framed by more modern and comfortable buildings. The extent of such a case confronts all urban scales and all real estate artifices.

The mayor of Cannes wishes to reactivate an area of ​​his commune until then disconnected from tourist lighthouses. The municipal will is to assume a resounding reconversion land through a strong intervention and cultural conduct.

This walk presents an aesthetic conception through three devices: the transformation of the landscape, the renewal of activities and the recurrence of real estate objects. The whole creates an universe of conviviality and education.

It is not only intended to unify a very diverse urban context, but offers a unique vision of an extraordinary environment. Although the program for this order is planned over several years, the project will retain consistency and consistency in its stages because it will be based on the enhancement of the qualities already in place. It can also be transformed, shifted over time and the seasons while maintaining a course of action: offering an environment where the functions of use and symbolic functions are mixed.