Location : Domaine du Monard – FRANCE
Address : Golf Domaine de la Valdaine, 26 740 Montboucher sur Jabron
For : Groupe GCA
Surface : 3.300 m²
$ : 12.000.000 € HT
Year : 2010
Label : /
Team : AGENCESM + DVVD (structure)
Statut : Etudes
Awards : /


The resort is made up of disparate buildings aggregated to each other.
The oldest is a castle with turret and pigeonnier. This castle is organised around an inner court distributing each of the body of the building. The northern zone look at a namesake planted mall and the Est area , the smallest
part, opens fully on the golf course.

Some recent buildings have been built in the south orientation to provide comfort of visitors. A restoration area hosts a bar, a brasserie and a gourmet restaurant.
The users of the Golf Course also have a shop with all the equipment available to play on the greens. Finally a sports area brings together an outdoor pool semi buried and a fitness center underground.

The circulation is made through a succession of inland courtyard without any synergy between the buildings exist.

The transformation project wishes to repair all the problems. The first point is to standardize the collection of all the buildings. Then the issue is to reconnect each of the parties. So a client in bathrobe would not more to move in full air to hang his breakfast.
A central inner axial pathway will connect all the pieces of the hotel and the new extension.

An extension will cover the existing swimming pool. This rounded swimming pool will print its form to the new building in settling in its center. The rooms will be opted in four floors around a central void. The customers will join their room while enjoying the aquatic nebulosities appearing through the pool renovated.
In order to immerse all the customers in the golf course. The new building would hosting on its roof a golf driving range and the departure of hole No. 1.