Object : Inaugural exhibition
Address : Rue de l’Université, Paris 17ème
Surface : 2000 m²
$ : 800 K € HT
Date : may 2005
Mission : Scenography
For : Musée du Quai Branly
Team : Stéphane Maupin + Nicolas Hugon


The exhibition ‘From a look at the other’ is posed as a Western perception of primary art by each individual, and a contemporary form showing his pleasure from a distance with a simple historical accumulation and colonial.
The mass of objects can be appreciated for its singular beauty, the ethnological adventure will find a detailed look, and all of these events lend themselves to judicious modern and contemporary associations. Various technical and visual filters enrich, cross and extend the initial figurative intention. To settle in place more than to transform it. As the place has no precedence, visitors will discover it for the first time.

All means will be allocated to the installation of the works and their development in strict compliance with the chronology and the needs of their conservation. The circulation along the exhibition is simple and clear. It works with the depths and heights of the host building, while articulating new spatial devices.